December 3, 2021


National Service for the Pastoral of Migrants

The Poles of the P.Mr.

The mission of the Migrant Pastoral in the past years was more or less shaped by the realities of the lives of the men, women and families of migration. In response to some more specific concerns, the mission of migrant pastoral care had to be organized into different "poles". The Muslim World Relays are the result of a close encounter of men and women of different religions; the seasonal hub tries to meet the spiritual and human needs of its men and women who come to meet the particular demands of our economies (agriculture, building, hospitality); the youth pole was born in the mouvence of an event better known as JP97, this pole wants to follow more carefully what young people from immigrant backgrounds are going through; Finally, the Asia division comes to question us about a reality increasingly present in France, namely the novelty of Asian immigration.