June 19, 2024


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Christian Immigrants Remain in the Majority

Christian Immigrants Remain in the Majority

For example, an update of the immigration figures to religion shows.

Almost a year ago, I did a written article in which CBS calculates the number of immigrants from all countries in the world, as well as figures from the Pew American Research Institute, which gives a percentage of the proportion of different religions of all countries. world. I also wrote an article with a forecast until 2019.

The figures presented by me were from 1996 to 2014. In the meantime, there are also figures for 2015 and I would have liked to include the provisional figures for 2015, but these statistics, although they already exist, are still kept by Statistics Netherlands.

My previous figures have received some attention, but certainly not from the Dutch press. As a journalist for a national newspaper put it, “more Christian immigrants than Muslims? That’s impossible. It’s completely amazing.”

A misunderstanding that emerged last time was that the figures concern all first-generation migrants, not just refugees. Migrants seeking apos; asylum seekers, the (former) asylum seekers; Asylum and their family members on the population register are only apos; a small part of total migration.

Now I only give the figures for Immigration, Emigration and Net Migration. For comments, see previous articles.